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Curiosity Gin

The ATLAS Curated Gin Set - Curiosity Dry Gin

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The ATLAS Curated Gin Set is specially tailored for each expression of gin by our talented team of bartenders, the chosen contents best highlight the flavours of the featured gin. Enjoy a G&T pairing, excellent cocktails created by our bartenders and cocktail recipes for continued at home imbibing.

Great for the seasoned gin enthusiast or a fresh initiate to the wonderful world of the juniper spirit.

The ATLAS Gin Box - Curiosity Dry Gin


  • Curiosity Gin, New Zealand, 40%, 700ml
  • 4 bottles of ATLAS Burma Tonic
  • G&T Garnish - Dehydrated Lemon Slices
  • 2 Bottled Cocktails - One Espresso Martini and one Dry Martini
  • 3 Recipe Cards

*Glassware not included, click here to shop our glassware range